Secret to a Great Life

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I had the best laugh today. It felt great!

“Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain.”

~ Charlie Chaplin

The Front Porch Wine Tasters have been on quite the hiatus. Mostly due to several challenges life threw at me the last few years. And, when I say threw, I mean it. Like a brick off the side of a building landing on your car.

I thank God for the gift of humor during difficult times and the frustrations of life.

Laughter or tears?

That’s the choice. I choose laughter. Hopefully, because of that, when I’m old my wrinkles will be in the right place. But, during this arduous time, I found that laughter is not only the best medicine, it’s cheap medicine. And, widely available. Also, I found myself searching for what makes me happy. Sounds cliche’, I know. But some of us (me) may need a reminder to look up from life and remember that the pursuit of happiness, in whatever we do, is precious.

So, whats made me happy this week?

Other People’s Puppies!
Crazy/Fun Friends
and this Dancing Biker

You know, the usual things.

So that’s the big life secret. Laugh abundantly and live a full life. Laugh when you’re happy or sad and especially when you’re mad. Laugh even when it’s maybe a tiny bit inappropriate. I laugh so often I’m practically invincible now.

One more thing that makes me happy…. WINE!

Welcome Back Winos 🙂


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