So many people come into the store looking for the right bottle of wine and sometimes don’t know where to start because there are so many.

I pick out four new bottles of wine each week and take them home to the Front Porch. Friends and neighbors join me, to share their unbiased thoughts. Then I share the info with all you (along with whatever else is going on in my head, lol). thanks for stopping by, I hope you laughed a little while you were here πŸ™‚

Front Porch Wine Tasting exists to help you choose your next wine.

Debbee Tarr ~ Owner/Operator Manteca Grocery Outlet


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Debbee: Just found your blog πŸ™‚
    So many wines I’ve not seen in New Hampshire. Wish some wine boutiques here would mimic and provide shoppers with information on such good prices.
    Very nice with an easy and fun presentation: 4 out of 5 stars πŸ™‚
    I’ll need to visit you on a regular basis.
    Dennis Tsiorbas

    • Dennis, have you signed up for the publication called Celebrate NH yet? They do a nice job of featuring wines and liquors plus they list the prices as well as food pairing suggestions. I would recommend getting on their mailing list. I’m a transplanted New Englander now living in CA however I love stopping in at NH’s newly renovated tax-free Liquor Store near Manchester whenever I “go back home.” Check it out. NB


  2. I don’t understand your price comments. You list a price and then list an “elsewhere price”. Do you mean I can buy it somewhere for the price you show – and not pay the elsewhere price?

  3. Well, well, well, another GrossOut wine blog — great. As a person who haunts the Pleasant Hill GO wine department and bugs Jason Olson no end, I’m glad to find this especially because I bought a bottle of the Turn 4 white wine. We’re having it for dinner tonight, and we’ll see what we think of it.
    We really like the Whiplash Char (more of a char/sb taste. I’ve bought two cases of it, and others of our friends have purchased it also. $4.00 at your local GO.

  4. Great, another GO wine blog. I haunt the wine shelves of the Pleasant Hill GO looking for bargains; it’s a great hobby.
    I found you by Googleing Turn 4 white wine. We’ll drink it tonight and see what we think. Another good one is Whiplash Char for $4. It’s between a char and an sb, and a very good drinkable value for the price.

  5. Hi Debbee,
    I understand your POV. I am chairman of two relatively large activities in my Sons of Retirement branch here in Walnut Creek. One is a bargain wine activity, the other is the cooking activity. Both have 50 members, or so. I started out founding a wine tasting group for wines costing $15 or less — we now have three of them. Then I started bargain wines focused on wines costing $10 or less; that’s the one with 50. Then I started Cellar Fillers for wines costing $6 or less and we have 20 or so guys in that.
    All of these were started in rebellion to the “snobby” wine tasters that describe coffee, earth and cow dung in their tastes of wine. The key thing is, do you enjoy it, and would you buy it?
    We have a lot of fun with it all, and I’ll bet i buy close to $2,000 worth of GO wines a year. BTW, I’ve got an email in to Jason asking him to hold me a case of the Turn 4. My wife and I thought it was pretty darn good and a great value.

  6. Hello Debbie-

    Any chance of sampling the various bordeauxs that have come into the stores? There’s so many variations.

    I think this is a great blog and along the lines of what I’ve wanted to do with some of the wines that come in. My story is typical; buy what seems like a really nice bottle during the week, pop it open on the weekend and go ‘woah, that’s a great wine!’, promptly return to GO only to find they’re sold out. I’ve always thought of getting with friends where everyone chips in, we buy a bunch of different wines and do same day wine tasting to see if there’s some bulk purchasing potential.


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