Secret to a Great Life

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I had the best laugh today. It felt great!

“Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain.”

~ Charlie Chaplin

The Front Porch Wine Tasters have been on quite the hiatus. Mostly due to several challenges life threw at me the last few years. And, when I say threw, I mean it. Like a brick off the side of a building landing on your car.

I thank God for the gift of humor during difficult times and the frustrations of life.

Laughter or tears?

That’s the choice. I choose laughter. Hopefully, because of that, when I’m old my wrinkles will be in the right place. But, during this arduous time, I found that laughter is not only the best medicine, it’s cheap medicine. And, widely available. Also, I found myself searching for what makes me happy. Sounds cliche’, I know. But some of us (me) may need a reminder to look up from life and remember that the pursuit of happiness, in whatever we do, is precious.

So, whats made me happy this week?

Other People’s Puppies!
Crazy/Fun Friends
and this Dancing Biker

You know, the usual things.

So that’s the big life secret. Laugh abundantly and live a full life. Laugh when you’re happy or sad and especially when you’re mad. Laugh even when it’s maybe a tiny bit inappropriate. I laugh so often I’m practically invincible now.

One more thing that makes me happy…. WINE!

Welcome Back Winos 🙂


Stoney River Sauvignon Blanc ~ Spice Rack Chardonnay ~ Topography Red Blend ~ Vinus Malbec

The night started out right with this New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc! It was a big hit, even Chardonnay Larry finished his glass. Terry and Anita thought it was light. Joe said it was buttery and commented on an apple flavor. Arvin thought it was nice and smooth on the tongue – like Larry. This was the favorite among the tasters tonight.

90+ points Wine Orbit. Vivino Tasting notes: Pear, citrus, passion fruit, green herbs, white pepper and minerals. Lively acidity and pleasant finish of mid length. A versatile crisp dry white.

We moved on to 100 calorie Spice Rack Chardonnay. Connie found it spicy and Joe agreed. Arvin said it had a bite to it, Connie added that it is sexy and Arvin quickly corrected her – it’s got a sexy bite! And, he said that’s as far as we’re gonna go on that. Terry thought it was sweet with a little zing to it, almost like a carbonation and Anita said it made her feel warm.

Naked Wines tasting notes: Creamy, world-class Chardonnay straight from the California coast. Luscious fruit flavors of apple and pear lead the way in this coastal Chardonnay, with a touch of tropical fruits and a generous creamy texture that lasts through the long, luxurious finish.

And then, there were Reds. Joe opened this Napa Red Blend from Burgess Cellars Topography. Arvin thought it had a good nose and Connie agreed, saying it smells so goood. Anita thought it tasted just like it smelled. Earthy and Peppery we’re Joe’s comments. He added that is was dry but not too dry. Larry called it dirty and I thought Good – that’s just the way I like it.

4.0/5.0 Stars from Vivino. Tasting notes: Really tasty. Nose and color make it appear to be really bold and heavy. But has bright notes like dry strawberry and is medium in body. Slightly acidic then softens at the finish. Well done wine and price for getting Burgess hillside vineyard grapes

This 2021 French Malbec was by far my favorite of the night! Terry simply just said, ‘mmmmm’ when she sipped it and she poured herself a second glass. Joe thought it smelled like a Cabernet, he tasted cherry notes and said it was smooth and dry.

90 Points from Decanter. Tasting notes: Dark fruits, cherry with smokey notes and well structured tannins.

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