‘If you can’t say anything nice….’

My mom always told me, if I didn’t have anything nice to say then I shouldn’t say anything at all.

Here’s some flowers:



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2011 Worthy Five Clones Sauvignon Blanc Napa $4.99

Elsewhere price $24.99

Terry liked the pretty bottle J and commented on the nice color of this Napa Chardonnay. A+ on presentation. Larry said he liked the bouquet. He tasted grapefruit, saying it was a light and fruity refreshing wine. Terry added that it’s real easy drinking. Steve said he really liked it and Scott agreed with a ‘kinda nice’. He also thought it was very fruity & light but not sweet. Ethan said he would pair it with pasta primavera or shrimp scampi.

86 Points from WineEnthusiast.com: Fragrant in floral jasmine and tropical aromas, this light, lean Sauvignon Blanc stays fresh in the glass


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2013 Perry Creek Chardonnay El Dorado $5.99

Elsewhere price $19.99

Steve started us off with this California Chardonnay. He said it was dry and felt warm going down his throat, he thought it was due to the higher alcohol content. He liked it and Scott agreed. Terry liked how it tickled her nose. Larry also agreed but thought it needed to breathe. Arvin called it an ‘out on the patio’ summer wine. Connie smiled and said she’s gonna get some of this tomorrow.

88 Points from WineEnthusiast.com: Bracing acidity, bright apple flavors and a slightly buttery texture and finish make this full-bodied, unoaked Chardonnay interesting and refreshing. Some Chardonnays are too fruity and oaky, but this one hangs back a bit, and this relative austerity encourages another sip


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2010 Mercer Sharp Sisters Red Blend Columbia Valley WA $7.99

Elsewhere price $14.99

Terry called this Red Blend a great sipping wine with an intoxicating aroma. Larry noticed the bouquet as well, saying it was burnt oak. Scott enjoyed the pairing of this wine with berries and truffles. He said blackberries and dark chocolate makes it extra smooth. Connie called it amazing. She said she really loves this wine.

85 Points from WineEnthusiast.com: This is half Merlot, one third Syrah, with a bit of Cabernet and Petit Verdot as well. It’s a very light, fruity wine, with no particular focus. Fine for near-term quaffing.



  • San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, 2014: Bronze
  • San Francisco International Wine Competition, 2013: Bronze

Winemaker’s Notes: Washington State Merlot is supple but retains its structure and minerality in our region due to the cooler climate. This is why it was selected to be the main component of this voluptuous blend being paired up with Syrah and a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. This blend shows a beautiful nose of cherry and raspberry mixed with chocolate. In the mouth flavors are concentrated red and dark fruit, with “Herbes de Provence.” The mouth feel is supple, rich and full with excellent length.


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2013 Sterling Albert Syrah Sonoma $5.99

Elsewhere price $24.99

Steve commented on the nice purple color and thin defined legs of this Sonoma Syrah. He tasted tobacco (cigar, not Marlboro). Scott said it needs to breathe for at least 10 minutes, then it’s reeeal good. Ethan simply said ‘nice’. Larry thought the first sniff was pretty strong, but it mellowed with some air. Connie said its kinda different, but very good. Arvin also tasted cigar and liked the pairing of this wine with the dark chocolate.

You can find Sterling Albert Winery in Sonoma California

I could not find on-line reviews for the same year Syrah, but this one is from the same winemaker: 90 Points from CellarTracker.com “Earthy nose. Simple, smooth flavor profile. There’s an interesting spicy zing mid-palate”