Share your Bargain Junque

I’m always looking for a bargain. That’s what Grocery Outlet is all about and that’s what I’m all about. The treasure hunt for a great deal is all part of a fun game that can be played alone or with others. I feed my family on bargains and I decorate my home with found treasures. I love to decorate and I love bargains!

My entire existence consists of one spontaneous obsession after concurrent with another. Like shiny objects that distract my attention way too easily. I guess the lack of forethought to recognize that a project will become amazingly-frustrating- to-the-point-where-I-wished-I’d-never-started-it is part of my personality disorder. It also includes, among other things, I-forget-how-old-I-am  and  I-don’t-have-to-leave-yet-there’s-plenty-of-time-to-get-there. I do not always love these things about me. I do love the idea of finished projects, but I want to hurry through the work part (i.e. painting walls) so I can get to the fun part (staging/decorating).

I’ve been hoarding art for the past couple of weeks. I thought it would be fun to have a gallery wall in the loft. Of course, the loft had to be painted first. I didn’t even consider the fact that I have come to hate painting walls before I got started. AND before I was even done – I wasn’t sure I liked the color :/ Repaint? Nope.

On to the fun part: Staging and decorating the room. Now, just for informational purposes, the term ‘found treasures’ is not equal to any old cheap junk. Found treasures are equal to one-of-a-kind pieces that are found at bargain prices = Junque! I like to stalk the clearance racks, thrift stores, craigslist and occasionally I even strike gold at curbside shopping. Last week I followed a Salvation Army truck through town and was rewarded with this:

mad men cabinet

Behind that $17 copper side table, that’s a 1962 record player/real to real/stereo cabinet that works! The same one that was in Don Draper’s office in the first season of Mad Men. I picked that up for $50, fresh off the truck.

And this little rolling portable bar?

portable bar

$15. Yeah, that happened. (Five bucks for the table runner from Target’s clearance rack)

mayan calendar

2′ diameter, 3″ thick Handmade Solid Wood Mayan Calendar (expired): $25

free headboard

Solid wood King-size headboard: Free on the side of the road

I’m sure this post will only add to my competition on craigslist, but that’s cool. We’re kinda like family now. Families share. I would love it if you shared some of your great Junque finds in the comments for me to see…  Here’s the gallery wall:

gallery wall

(sorry bout the pour lighting :-/ )

Inside the open closet (behind Don Draper’s stereo) in the loft still needs paint, but I finished the fun part so I moved on.  I was kinda hoping I could trick one of my kids into finishing the painting for me… I’ll let you know how that works out.

Here’s this week’s Bargain Wine picks:

aaaaaaaaaa new wines

Aja White Table Wine ~ Rocland Chardonnay ~ Ass Kisser Grenache ~ Rock Wall Zin

Aja wine

Aja White Table Wine $2.99

Elsewhere Price $8.99

We tried this white with spicy Asian food like the label suggested. Steve and Becky both thought it was better without the food. They thought it should be enjoyed during the summer by the pool. Kari disagreed, she said the food gave it texture. This was Kerri’s favorite of the night.

From the bottle: Aja (pronounced Asia) is all about the food. The 2010 vintage is a delicious Australian Pinot Gris blend specially created to perfectly match the spicy fragrant flavours of Asian food. With zesty, aromatic, luscious fruit flavours upfront, to balance the heat of chilli and other spices, and a crisp citrus finish to cleanse the palate.

Tasting notes: Colour: Pale green straw. Nose: Aromas of pineapple, passion fruit, musk and white peach. Palate: A medium bodied and zesty white wine with intense flavours of passion fruit and white peach. Natural fruit sugars give luscious lingering flavours of guava which are structured by zesty citrus acid giving a crisp elegant aftertaste.

The esteemed wine critic Winsor Dobbin wrote: “There’s plenty of appealing upfront fruit and some nice crisp juiciness on the finish that suggests this low-acid number will, indeed, partner well with a variety of Asian spices.”


Rocland chardonnay

2012 Petite Rocland Chardonnay $2.99

Elsewhere price $10.99

Larry thought this Chardonnay had a nice nose and Terry & Becky agreed, they said it was light and had a fruity aroma. Terry said it was on the sweeter side. Becky tasted oranges and peach. Steve and Larry both tasted pear. Kerri thought it would be good in a white sangria and Arvin liked it as well. We all agreed that it grows on you.

From the winemaker: Green & Gold highlighted colour with a vibrant sheen. An inviting fruit driven nose exhibiting white stone fruits and floral esters. Crisp citrus flavours married in with mouth watering peach and nectarine


ass kisser wine

2009 Royal Ass Kisser Grenache $2.99

Elsewhere $11.99

Well now, that’s a fun name! Terry commented that the nose is soft and the taste is soft. Soft like Arvin’s silk shirt from Hawaii. Scott and Joe liked it at the first taste, as did I. The second taste was even better, lol. I liked it with the dark chocolates and berries. This was Connie’s favorite.

On line review: This delicious Grenache is no joke, and our tasting panel was very impressed; this wine delivers great value.

Wine Spectator 88 points: Light and silky, bright on balance, this features lively raspberry and Earl Grey tea flavors that linger easily. Drink now.


Rock Wall wines

2012 Rock Wall Zinfandel $12.99

Elsewhere price $25.00

Last week we tried the Rock Wall Petite Sirah and loved it! Kerri thought this was a subtle Zin with a mild palate. She was also quoted as saying, ‘And I love me some Zin!’ Larry noted that it had a mild nose, Scott liked it and Joe said it was plumy. Scott, Terry, Larry and me all picked this as our favorite of the night. Joe Liked the wine, but really wanted more pizza.

Cellar Tracker 88.1 points: Decant for a hour. Upon opening, was pretty closed, vegetal and tight. After an hour, the wine drank smoother and the berry notes jumped out. Spicy with good tannins, ripe cherries, and good earth tones. Kind of a muted nose of black raspberry and dark currants. Also some hints of spice. In the mouth a decent balance with cherries ruling into a medium finish.