Spring 2018 20% Off Wine Sale!

I don’t know if you know this… but, Steve is cheap. Except when it comes to golf or food of course. He is also very competitive. Competitive with himself. When the 20% Off Wine Sale comes around, he wants to beat his numbers from last year (if you’ve ever worked in retail, you’ll know this is a trait all these guys have). So he checks the numbers several times a day. And, when he does, he actually encourages me to buy more wine.

Now, believe me, I do my best to try as many wines as I possibly can throughout the year so I can recommend them to customers when they ask. I haven’t quite drank (drunk?) my way through the entire department, but I keep trying. Because of that, there is never a shortage of wine at my house.

So, when my husband asks me, “don’t you need more wine?” What’s a girl to do? I stock up, because yes Steve – I do need more wine.

I mean, really, who doesn’t?

20% OFF Wine Sale through Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

Here’s a few we tried on the Front Porch this week:


wine sale

Callie Chardonnay ~ The Oak Reserve Chardonnay

Balverne Estate Red ~ Fonte Regia Chianti


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2015 Callie Collection Central Coast Chardonnay $4.99

Elsewhere price $16.99 ~ 20% Off during wine sale $3.99!

I tried this crisp white chardonnay earlier in the week; I thought it would be nice for the warm weather that was coming up. Larry tasted oak but Becky thought it was more like a Pinot Grigio. Joe S. said Larry was oaky. Misty tasted citrus and commented that she liked it. Joe S. and Terry agreed. Terry added that it is sweet and had a creaminess that lingered on the tongue. Steve called it buttery and light, Arvin and Misty both agreed. It paired well with spicy salsa cheese.

CallieCollection: A pale golden color, our 2015 Central Coast Chardonnay brings a bouquet of lime and pineapple with crème brulee notes. This wine is rich and creamy with pineapple, citrus, vanilla bean, and toasty oak flavors and a balanced acidity and finish. 95% Chardonnay, 3% Riesling, 2% Muscat Canelli.


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2014 The Oak Reserve Santa Barbara County Chardonnay $6.99

Elsewhere price $14.99 ~ 20% Off during wine sale $5.59!

Becky started us off on this very light & clear chardonnay; she said it had an earthy aroma. Steve tasted spice. I definitely noticed the lemon zest finish. Scott tasted citrus. Joe S. said it made him feel like he was sitting next to a beautiful tree relaxing when he drinks this. Steve liked it, Scott and Joe S. agreed.

4/5 stars from Vivino: Really liked the pronounced oak flavor in it. Not too dry and not too sweet. A good basic Chardonnay


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2012 Balverne Chalk Hill Estate Red $14.99

Elsewhere price $48.99 ~ 20% Off during wine sale $11.99

I really like this red blend; it’s a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec. Becky tasted plums and cherry – dark fruit. She said it is fruit forward and finishes with a hint of tobacco. Arvin commented that it is dry, and we know he likes that – Joe R was a little late, but had the exact same comment as his dad, lol. Larry said he can smell the grapes in this one, I think that means he agreed with Becky.

Tasting notes: Cabernet predominates in this particular Claret, but the Merlot is the silent partner that accentuates the cassis and currant fruit of the Cab and combines with its bigger tannins to silken the mouth feel. A small amount of Malbec adds soft black fruit like blueberry and plum. Both Merlot and Malbec bring mid-palate richness and, with carefully chosen French oak, promote a long and complex finish.


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Riserva 2014 Fonte Regia Chianti Italy $5.99

Elsewhere price $19.99 ~ 20% Off during wine sale $4.79!

This Chianti was light when we tasted it on the Front Porch. Arvin is our resident Chianti expert; he said it was lighter than he’d hoped. I thought it had a nice dryness to it, but I should’ve decanted it. So, after the Front Porch wine tasters went home, I decanted the rest of the bottle. I’m enjoying a glass of it as I write this. Aerating made a world of difference. It’s like a completely different wine, the kind that would make Terry’s nose tingle, full bodied. I really ripped those guys off by serving it straight out of the bottle. So, we’ll have to rely on the on-line tasters for notes (side bar, I had to translate this review from Portuguese). Cheers!

4/5 stars from Vivino: Um bom chianti, de excelente RQP!! Eu não sou fã de Chianti, mas este me surpreendeu! Pelo custo e pelo que entregou, é show! Ganhou 1/2 ⭐️ pela relação! No visual, cor e reflexos rubi. No nariz, frutas vermelhas e negras, especiarias, aceto balsâmico e terra. Na boca, corpo leve, taninos macios, baixa presença de álcool, mas boa acidez. Mineralidade que remete a campo. Harmonizou com um espaguete com shitake, brócolis e iscas de filet!! Delícia!!

Translation: A good chianti, excellent RQP !! I’m not a fan of Chianti, but this one surprised me! For the cost and what you gave, it’s a show! Won 1/2 ⭐️ by ratio! In visual, color and ruby reflections. On the nose, red and black fruits, spices, balsamic aceto and earth. In the mouth, light body, soft tannins, low alcohol presence, but good acidity. Minerality that refers to the field. Harmonized with a spaghetti with shitake, broccoli and filet baits !! Delicious!!