2011 Flirt California Red & White Wines

wine tasting 6 wine tasting 7

This week my sister joined me on the front porch for wine tasting. She usually only enjoys Moscato (I have a great one to try later), but she wanted to find more wines that she liked. So, I figured a couple of blends would be a good place to start. I gathered up my supplies…

wine tasting 1

…and headed out to the porch.

wine tasting 2

I love blends! There is no other more enjoyable wine than when the winemaker blends different varieties of grapes, in my opinion. Usually the label simple says ‘ Red Wine’ or ‘Red Table Wine’. We tried both the Red and White bottles of 2011 Flirt wines from California that are on our ad this week at $3.99 each. The label reads, ” It’s the shrug of a shoulder, the wink of an eye, the tossing of hair and the pursing of lips. Playful and provocative, naughty and nice, Flirt is a blend of lively white grapes/ frisky red wines guaranteed to leave butterflies in your stomach.” That’s fun 🙂

We started with the red:

wine tasting 3

The label says, “With hints of juicy plum, vanilla, butterscotch and cherry spice, you can’t help but be tempted. So go on, don’t be shy. Take a sip.” (for a more detailed description, click here) I thought this red blend was warm and smooth. A little hint of sweetness and very drinkable. My sister wanted to put ice in hers. Of course any self-respecting wine snob would cringe at this suggestion, I told her lots of people do that with their red wine. Especially in summer time. The Flirt California Red was nicely complemented by a very sharp cheese, Armour Summer Sausage ($3.99) and Milton’s Garlic & Herb crackers ($1.99). When she tasted the wine with the sharp cheese, she didn’t even need the ice. We finished about half the bottle 😉 I was pretty happy to see her enjoy the way the wine tastes different with various foods. I would pair this wine with a nice grilled steak or tri-tip.

If you’d like to read more about this wine from people who know wine, click here

wine tasting 8 wine tasting 9

Now for the White:

wine tasting 5

The label says it’s wonderfully refreshing with a hint a of honeysuckle and fresh white peach (for a more detailed description, click here) . I thought it was refreshingly crisp. My sister said it was okay. I had her try an Aidells Mango Jalapeno meatball ($3.99) then have another sip. She was hooked, we finished the bottle! The Flirt California White is perfectly paired with spicy food. I would serve it with Mexican food or Chinese food. We also had Sugar Brook Spicy Gouda ($2.99) and chilled green grapes (1lb $2.99) with this wine.

wine tasting 4 cheese

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