Feeding Frenzy

The 2011 Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma County are an exceptional value at $3.99 this week under the Feeding Frenzy label. Not to be confused with the addictive Feeding Frenzy game by Gamehouse .  Although, I could develop a mild obsession for these wines with the attractive colorful label marketed towards the ‘The Foodie’ in all of us. Being called a Foodie makes me feel young & hip like a single gal living in the big city.

cab label

This week, my husband and a couple of friends joined me on the front porch to ‘help’ me review the Feeding Frenzy wines. Of course when people join me, we talk about all kinds of things, enjoy each others company and have some laughs. But, we still managed to take some notes on wine tasting.

Feeding frenzy

First the Cabernet Sauvignon:

The label says “this wine possesses aromas of dried cherry and fresh ground nutmeg. The flavors are indicative of dark currants, black fruits and blueberries, with a subtle, round body and long finish. The multiple layers of dried herbs and cranberries carry throughout with a seductive hint of dark chocolate. A well-balanced wine to serve with food. Might we suggest pairings such as a gourmet Pizza with Pesto, Eggplant Lasagna, BBQ Baby Back Ribs, or Grilled Tri-Tip.”

I Thought it smelled of red fruit like dark red cherry, but definitely no nutmeg. It tasted pretty sweet like blueberries and was light and smooth. I tried this with Johnsonville Salami Deli Bites ($1.99) and Tilamook Smoked Black Pepper Sharp Cheddar Cheese($1.99). The FF Cab is very food Friendly. However, I don’t know about the pairings that they suggest on the label. Pizza with pesto & Eggplant lasagna? mmmm, no. Ribs & steaks, for sure. Regular lasagna (any Italian food really) or a nice grilled pork chop would pair nicely with this Cab.

Steve tasted the wine before he read the label and thought for sure it would include the word ‘buttery’. nope. Thanks for playing Steve. Larry & Terry both preferred the Chardonnay, but took a sip of the Cab for all you faithful readers. They we’re surprised that it was a sweeter Cabernet and it got a nod of approval.

And, the Chardonnay:

The label says “this wine possesses ripe summer fruit aromas of peaches and mangoes. The splendid flavors are indicative of crisp lemon-lime, which linger fresh and long on the palate. Containing many complex layers of tropical fruits with hints of rich, creamy vanilla and decadent ripe melon. A well-balanced wine to serve with food. Might we suggest pairings such as a classic Caesar Salad, Dill Poached Salmon, Grilled Shrimp Scampi, or Chicken Fajitas.”

I actually tried this wine when we got it in earlier this year (I’m a sucker for a great label). I knew I liked it. It smelled of peaches, but I’m not sure of mango. I definitely tasted the citrus fruits and melon. I was pairing it with a Tuscan Melon (99 cents) and Danish Havarti with dill ($2.50). Very refreshing summer wine. I liked it with Dill Havarti but I don’t know about dill poached Salmon (or anything poached). I like the rest of the food pairing suggestions on the label, I just prefer to grill my Salmon 🙂

I don’t think Steve gave me his opinion on this Chardonnay. I know Terry & Larry enjoyed it, but after Larry’s review I’m pretty sure we all agreed with him and just left it at that. His review was that this is the first bottle of wine that tastes exactly the way the label says it does. LOL! Thanks Larry 😉

I managed to read some on-line reviews, but there really is very little on the internet about these wines. I found the Chardonnay was scored 85 points and the Cabernet 87. Both pretty solid according the all-knowing wine reviewers. Personally, I don’t even know what those scores mean or how they arrive at a numbered score. I’m sure there’s some detailed science behind it though. I checked out the web-site on the back of the label, even there I could not locate the Feeding Frenzy. They offer some other wines I recognized though. Black Oak, 707 Estate Wines and Zombie Zin among others. Check it out here www.chateaudiana.com . Meanwhile, I’ll see if we can get some of that Zombie Zin in the store before October.

Feeding frenzy sign

2 thoughts on “Feeding Frenzy

  1. Feeding Frenzy is my favorite inexpensive wine label. I enjoy the Pinot Grigio, but the White Table Wine is becoming my favorite. It’s basically Chardonnay, but not so dry. The Merlot is a little too vinegary for my taste, but is excellent to cook with.

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