Cleaning out your closet can change your whole life

Closet cleaning is usually something we do in the Spring. Why? Who knows! But, the rule-breaking rebel that I am, I thought I would give my closet a good make-over now, in the Fall. If you’ve ever made this decision, why did you not warn the rest of us how big this job is!?! Sure, the closet looks messy and unorganized. But, I had NO IDEA that when you remove this stuff from the closet and stack it as nicely as humanly possible it actually doubles in size. At least double. Maybe more like quadruples.

11111 closet 2

Apparently a messy closet is revealing: “A messy closet might mean that you are a bit too much nostalgic. You hold onto clothes that you can no longer wear; yet you refuse to get rid of them. You hold onto clothes and other items because they remind you of special occasions and the people you were with. Clean out your closet and let go of the past so you will have room for new adventures in your life.” Source

How messy are you? Test your cleaning personality!

The plan was: Paint, re-configure the hanging bars and add some cabinets or shelves to store stuff. Painting seemed like the logical first step. But, wait… what about the floor? If I leave the old carpet in there, when I get around to doing the bedroom floor I would have to take all the stuff out of the closet again. No thanks.

So cleaning out my closet turned into serious, long-term decision that could affect property value. I wasn’t mentally prepared for this. I had to re-group. Luckily it was Wednesday, or as Larry likes to call it – Winesday. Wine is a pretty important part of any decision making process, but even more so for major decisions like closet flooring.

I’m relieved to say that it worked, the closet got bamboo flooring, new paint & baseboards and the cabinets are permanent. Not quite done in this picture, but well on its way…

11111 closet

Having such an organized closet makes me feel like I’ve really got my life together.


11111 wine

Two Tone Farm Chard ~ Hess Select Chard ~ Wilson Daniels Pinot Noir ~ Hart & McGarry Cab


11111 wine 1     11111 wine 2

2011 Two Tone Farm Chardonnay, Napa – Ca. $3.99

Elsewhere price $11.99

From Beringer according to “Two-Tone Farm is a new venture by Beringer that seems specifically targeted at, well, me. To be exact, me about 8 years ago: a young, urban, single professional interested in music, nightlife, decent food, fun with friends, and, oh yeah, drinking decent wine that I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for… All of this would be just an interesting marketing anecdote, and might not even merit mentioning here at Vinography if the wines weren’t actually decent.”

Wine Maker’s notes: Fresh honeysuckle, cantaloupe and honeydew melon, citrus, rose petal, kiwi and red delicious apple aromas fill the nose. Green apple, fig and lemon citrus flavors are surrounded by a full-bodied mouth with a clean, crisp acidity and mineral tones.

Tasting notes: Appealing for its purity of fruit, focusing on ripe pear, nectarine, peach and honey. Complex, leaving a mildly oaked, nicely fruited aftertaste.

Misty found this Napa Chardonnay to be light and fruity, Terry agreed. Larry thought it tasted a little oaky. Joe liked it, he commented that he would buy this wine (over beer, Joe?) Ethan thought his wife would really like it because it was fruity, he didn’t really taste oak. Arvin said it was nice, he tasted apple. Steve also liked it and tasted apple.


11111 hess     hess chardonnay

2011 Hess Select Chardonnay, Napa – Monterey County. $2.99

Elsewhere price $9.99

2014 Silver Award Winner

 from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

From the label: Brisk afternoon breezes from Monterey Bay cross the coastal mountains and roll into the vineyards in the Salinas Valley, home of our Hess Select Chardonnay. Lazy days and cool nights allow fruit to layer tropical and citrus flavors of pineapple, mango, lemon zest and lime. This fresh and pleasing Chardonnay is a perfect partner for garden fresh salads, chicken and seafood.

Reviews from 88 points. Green straw color, offering jack fruit, melon, apples, and apple blossom aromas. Nice citrus cut on the palate. Tensile, balanced, and very refreshing. Good California Chardonnay, nice freshness and crispness; good fruit (pineapple, pear), with nice oak and a nice finish.

Terry thought this Chardonnay had more body than the first one. Misty commented that she liked it, and that she tasted pineapple and pear. Steve must’ve been eaves-dropping because he also tasted pineapple and pear. Ethan tasted apple. Arvin agreed, and added that it had a nice after taste that lingered. So you can enjoy it longer.


11111 wilson     11111 wine 3

2010 Wilson Daniels Pinot Noir, Central Coast. $4.99

Elsewhere price $14.99

From the label: Great wines. Close friends. Memorable meals. These were the shared passions of wine industry-mavericks Jack Daniels and the late Win Wilson. Together they traveled the world’s wine regions, seeking out the best wine from each. This wine, made from grapes grown in California’s flourishing Central Coast, carries on that legacy of discovering the best and sharing good times with every glass.

Reviews from Spicy. Hints of blackberry and raspberry. 87 points.

With pork chops, roast vegetables, left-over mashed potatoes/gravy, and cranberry sauce.
Nice light cherry.
Good, albeit light, nose.
Soft, medium/light weight wine. We agree with Richard that there is a touch of cranberry in this, more savory than overtly fruity.
Worked well with the pork, less so with the potatoes. 86 points

Arvin was surprised to find this Pinot Dry. He said he likes a dry wine. The rest of the comments kinda read like a comic book, (I apologize in advance):

Steve: Tastes like Cherry

Arvin: I haven’t tasted that in a while

Ethan (slaps himself in the face) I won’t comment on that!

Arvin: Dry-cherry

Me: like a spinster?


11111 hart     11111 wine 4

2011 Hart & McGarry Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, Ca. $4.99

Elsewhere price $12.99

2014 Silver Award Winner

 from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

From the label: In 1851, after two years in the California goldfields, two young men took their hard earning to a new town in Northern California and established the first general store there – Hart & McGarry. They were the very first wine merchants in the area, and today, we honor their efforts by selecting wines from the same region. This California North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon has aromas & flavors of succulent black cherries , raspberries with medium tannins & a supple finish. This wine pairs well with grilled steak, beef stew & Coq au Vin. One of the great pairings is Cabernet Sauvignon with a rich chocolate tort.

Review from “Solid consistent label. Medium-bodied wine that is not too dry or tannic. Nice everyday or second bottle” “Surprising! Medium tannins make this bold fruit wine smooth and soft.”

Larry started us off with a ‘Not bad!’ Terry liked this California Cab, she said it was good and totally different than the first red. Arvin added that it was ‘Dang’ Good, just oaky enough! I really enjoyed it paired with chocolate 🙂

One thought on “Cleaning out your closet can change your whole life

  1. I can relate with the closet and the clothes I cannot let go of. I’d be glad to let go of them if someone in our house had the know-how to make our closet look like your refurbished one! Great blog! 🙂

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